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#1 Christmas Light Installation Boise ID

#1 Boise Christmas Light Installation

Just like that, its Christmas time again and you’re already beginning to make a checklist in your head of all the festivities for your family to enjoy. Whether it’s family gatherings, wrapping gifts, or decorating your home, there is so much joy that comes with getting in the Christmas spirit. One of the most joyous occasions is seeing all the homes and businesses with their majestic lighting. Although it is a beautiful sight to see, we all know how much work and headache can arise when it comes to Boise Christmas light installation, and not to mention, making it look fantastic as well! Christmas Lights Boise is here to help with ALL your Christmas lighting needs while keeping you stress-free so that you can enjoy every moment of this holiday season with your family.

The Boise Christmas Light Installation Process

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1. Installation

Christmas Light Installation

Professional-grade lighting is more than just hanging up the lights. We custom fit lighting of your choice to fit your home with exact measurements so that your Christmas lights are made for you and only you! Not only will holiday lighting be hassle-free this year, but you'll also have the best-looking house on the block.

2. Maintenance

Christmas Light Maintenance

No matter the reason, if any issues arise with your custom holiday lighting, give us a call and we will come out to your home within 48 hours! We want to ensure that you have the best Christmas lighting display in the neighborhood and that your lights are always working perfectly for you without any hiccups.

3. Removal

Christmas Light Removal

No more waiting around until February or March to finally get those Christmas lights down. We'll be out right away to take them down for you. We begin taking lights down around the 10th of January and finish up by January 31st weather permitting. We will also store the lights for you year-round until the next holiday season.

Our Christmas
Light Promise

We guarantee your lights to be securely up and twinkling around the clock! If for any reason at all your lights may go out, we will respond immediately to fix the issue. Just give us a call and we will run out to you as quickly as possible, free of charge, to get your Christmas lights back up, shining, and spreading all the Christmas cheer! Rest assured knowing you’ve hired the best Christmas lighting services that Boise has to offer.

See What We Can Provide For Your Home

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Our Boise Christmas Lighting Service Is Different Than Most

Your Home is safe & Secure

We ensure our Boise Christmas lighting services are secure and we use the most up to date equipment and practices in the industry. You can have peace of mind, knowing that your home is protected and insured through all our services.

24 Hour quotes guaranteed

Contact us for a same-day quote! Depending on the services needed we will either send a speedy technician out to your home to perform a thorough quote or give you one over the phone immediately.

Professional Grade Lighting

Professional Christmas lighting means professional-grade lights. We use top of the line, custom cut, LED lighting, unlike most other lighting companies. You won't find Christmas lights of this quality at any box store!

48 Hour Emergency Service

No matter the issue that caused your lights to go out, call us immediately and we will rush out to your home for a quick fix. We promise to get to you within 48 hours of the issue being reported!

Get The Best Lighting Or Your Money Back!

If you are not completely satisfied with the job, whether it be the service itself, any of the technicians, or the products we use, we guarantee a full refund back to you. Rest assured knowing that you’ll be getting the best quality Christmas light installation Boise has to offer!¬†

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Hire The Other Guys 35%

Hire Christmas Lights Boise 100%

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